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Think Global Digital Bootcamp


On October 13, 15, 20, and 22, in 2020, the first Think Global Digital Bootcamp in Brazil was organized, with 27 participants.  Startups and other companies participated from Porto Alegre, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo, Goiânia, and Florianópolis.

We also had the participation of international guests, as ambassadors of Think Global and as speakers, from Angola, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, United States and Portugal.


"Participating in the Digital Think Global - Brazil event was very enriching from the business point of view. It was a time of great learning and networking.  Raquel, Cleberson, Rafael and Rogério, in addition to being extremely professional and competent, were very inspiring in our case.

Each of them in their specific area of activity brought us practical insights from their international experiences at all times and which, when together, were completed through harmonious collaboration, translating into benefits for those who were participating in the event.

The Digital Think Global managed to make us see that it is indeed possible to internationalize in a safe way, counting with the people and guidance of those who know the way there.

They really know this journey! Thank you very much for the spectacular delivery of knowledge, valuable information, and unique experiences."

Rogério Luciano

Co-founder SER Tecnologia

Florianópolis – SC

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"Enriching conversations with guests from different countries talking about challenges, resources, and particularities that entrepreneurs go through when expanding their businesses to different cultures.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity and I congratulate the co-founders for the project! Raquel de Castro Boechat, Rafael Pinto, Rogério Bohn, Cleberson Vieira. The community needs your mentoring."


Leonardo Dal Ross


Porto Alegre - RS

"The Think Global Digital Bootcamp course met my expectations regarding quality and depth on the theme of internationalization. The multidisciplinary of the mentoring team, the exchange of experience with other participants and the participation of the guests (which was more than special) allowed us to expand our knowledge on issues involving the expansion of business to other countries, and also made us change our view on some strategic points for our business. I advise and recommend the course. Great experience!!" 

Heitor Aiquel Campana

Green Club

Porto Alegre - RS

"We at eBarn did not yet have concrete plans for internationalization and the Bootcamp was very good to see how many opportunities there are and that we should already start to map out what these possibilities are, as this is a process that requires a lot of planning.

During these days, we were able to raise the main points that we must pay attention to before thinking about going to an international market. We had discussions with international guests, and we are increasingly convinced that having a good network of contacts can make all the difference in this process."

Thaís Albuquerque


Goiânia - GO

"The Think Global course was a great opportunity to think in practical terms on how to create a global business.  To listen from the experts on how the "process" works, and what are the first steps to analyze, do networking and open markets in other countries. The facilitators brought a lot of knowledge and practical experience, accumulated through the shared content and the explanation of fundamental details to be analyzed in a preliminary survey of the country where we intend to go international. Including topics such as cultural, political, accounting, legal, financial, social issues, among other relevant points to determine the choice of another country for the operation of your business.

Another great advantage of the course is that, in addition to the great quality of the mentors, we were treated with the surprise participation of guests from different countries who presented different opportunities in their markets. I highly recommend the course."

Jussara Pellicano Botelho


Brasília - DF

Think Global Bootcamp (On-site)

On April 17 and 18, in 2021, 7 companies participated in the first on-site Think Global Bootcamp, organized with partners and local ambassadors, Wine Valley, in the city of Bento Gonçalves, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  The participating companies came from Bento Gonçalves,
Guaporé, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. 


There was a lot of exchange of experiences, learning, and networking in these two days of training about internationalization.  Invited speakers from the Netherlands, Ecuador, Argentina, and Canada also participated in a virtual way.

Testimony of a participant from the company ICEHOT 


Think Global mentors and ambassadors in
Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul

Presentation during the Bootcamp


Participation of the speaker from Argentina


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